This MIB module defines Bandwidth Manager configuration objects that facilitate the management of the Cisco Content Delivery System for TV (CDS-TV) product family. CDS-TV is a suite of products and software applications providing ingest, storage, caching, streaming, playout and on-demand delivery of video to television or set-top-box clients. The Bandwidth Manager runs on the master streamer and keeps track of allocated streams and VOD network resources. Abbreviations: CCP Cache Control Protocol CDS Content Delivery System CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture ISA Interactive Services Architecture ISV Integrated Streamer-Vault FSI File Service Interface FTP File Transfer Protocol MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group MSA Managed Services Architecture RTSP Real-Time Streaming Protocol SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol STB Set-Top Box VOD Video On-Demand Common terms: Catcher: Device responsible for receiving content (typically via satellite dishes and antennae) from content providers or from a Headend-In-The-Sky. Content Ingest: Acquisition of content from a source such as a catcher or an FTP server for storing it locally and making it available to streamers as needed. Device Roles: Vault: Content delivery application responsible for ingesting and storing video content and making it available to streamers and/or caching nodes. Caching Nodes: Content delivery application responsible for caching content from vault (using CCP) and then streaming content out to streamers over HTTP or CCP. Streamer: Content delivery application responsible for streaming video out to STB's. ISV: Content delivery application capable of acting as both a vault and as a streamer in a single device.

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