This MIB module defines managed objects that facilitate the management of Cisco devices complying to the DOCSIS L2VPN Feature for IP/MPLS pseudo-wire. The Cisco CMTS implementation of IP/MPLS pseudo-wire is based on DOCSIS BSOD L2VPN specification. The information available through this MIB includes: Mapping information between various configuration of the pseudo-wire pertaining to DOCSIS BSOD L2VPN. The MIB tables implemented give quick access to information using either Cable Modem MAC address/VPN, peer IP address/VCID or L2vpnIndex as index in tables. Glossary: CMTS - Cable Modem Termination System VCID - Virtual Circuit Identifier MPLS - Multi-Protocol Label Switching AToM - Any Transport Over MPLS DOCSIS - Data over Cable Service Interface Specification BSOD - Business Services over DOCSIS L2VPN - Layer 2 Virtual Private Network pseudo-wire - Layer 2 connection over IP/MPLS backbone

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2009-06-17 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.