The MIB module for creating and deleting bulk files of SNMP data for file transfer.

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2002-06-10 00:00
Added enum 'forcedCreate' for object 'cbfDefineFileNow' for forced creation of configuration files.
2002-05-15 00:00
Added default values for all read-write objects in table to simplify creation of table rows.
2001-08-22 00:00
Modified description of objects cbfDefineObjectTableInstance and cbfDefineObjectLastPolledInst in cbfDefineObjectTable to accept/represent Full OIDs instead of partial OIDs.
2001-08-01 00:00
Enhanced the MIB for selective row transfer from MIBS. Added a notification to indicate bulk file creation or error(during creation of the file). Added object cbfDefineFileNotifyOnCompletion to cbfDefineFileTable. Added the objects cbfDefineObjectTableInstance, cbfDefineObjectLastPolledInst and cbfDefineObjectNumEntries to cbfDefineObjectTable. Added cbfDefineFileCompletion notification.
2001-06-26 17:00
Added the following enumerations variantBERWithCksum(4) and variantBinWithCksum(5) in cbfDefineFileFormat
1998-10-29 17:00
Initial version of this MIB module.