This MIB is used to configure those devices that support boot-time hardware diagnostics. It provides the reports about the respective diagnostic tests executed by the devices as well. Boot-time diagnostics are run after the ROMMON has transferred control to the start code of IOS and before any IOS subsystem has started. Such diagnostics may or may not include those that are destructive to the operation of IOS or communications links that are serviced by IOS and, as such, must be run before IOS has completed booting and before any subsystem has started. During boot-up from either power-on or a reload, and before IOS starts, a loop of all such diagnostics is executed according to the following flow: bank = current_bank for index = 1 to number of diagnostics { if diag[index] is configured AND armed for bank { call diagnostic_function[index]; store results in memory =; } After all the IOS subsystems have started, one can use either the CLI or this MIB to query the status of the diagnostic tests for each bank. The diagnostic tests are tabulated on the CLI as follows. Information for Hardware Diagnostics Bank 0 (Current bank = 0) Last Boot Next Boot - Diagnostic Ran? Pass/Failed? Configured? Armed? EDAC test YES PASSED YES NO EEPROM test YES PASSED YES NO FPGA(s) test YES FAILED YES NO FPGA Diags: FPGA1:F, FPGA2-REG:P, FPGA2-SRAM:P, FPGA3:F In the table above, there are 3 diagnostic_function categories: EDAC, EEPROM, and FPGA(s). The FPGA category has 4 subtests one associated with FPGA1, two with FPGA2, and one with FPGA3. The MIB shall be used to configure the diagnostic tests to be run on each bank and read the results of the same. The selection of a particular bank to run the tests is hardware- dependent. GLOSSARY CLI - Command Line Interface diags - abbreviation for diagnostics EDAC - Error Detection and Correction EEPROM - Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read-Only Memory FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array IOS - Internet Operating System MIB - Management Information Base NVRAM - Non-volatile Random Access Memory SRAM - Static Random Access Memory

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