The MIB module to manage ATM Virtual interface objects. ATM virtual interfaces are configured on a physical line.

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2002-10-11 00:00
1. Added caviIngressIntervalTable.
2002-05-07 00:00
1. Added following objects to caviStatEgressTable, as upper 32-bits for 64-bit wide counters: caviHighEgrRcvClp0Cells, caviHighEgrRcvClp1Cells, caviHighEgrClp0DiscCells, caviHighEgrClp1DiscCells, caviHighEgrXmtClp0Cells, caviHighEgrXmtClp1Cells. 2. Added following 64-bit objects to caviStatEgressTable for 64-bit counter support: caviHEgrRcvClp0Cells, caviHEgrClp0DiscCells, caviHEgrClp0DiscCells, caviHEgrClp1DiscCells. 3. Added following objects to caviEgressIntervalTable, as upper 32-bits for 64-bit wide counters: caviHighIntEgrRcvClp0Cells, caviHighIntEgrRcvClp1Cells, caviHighIntEgrClp0DiscCells, caviHighIntEgrClp1DiscCells, caviHighIntEgrXmtClp0Cells, caviHighIntEgrXmtClp1Cells. 4. Added following 64-bit objects to caviEgressIntervalTable: caviHIntEgrRcvClp0Cells, caviHIntEgrRcvClp1Cells, caviHIntEgrClp0DiscCells, caviHIntEgrClp1DiscCells, caviHIntEgrXmtClp0Cells, caviHIntEgrXmtClp1Cells. 5. Added following objects to caviStatIngressTable, as upper 32-bits for 64-bit wide counters: caviHighIngRcvClp0Cells, caviHighIngRcvClp1Cells, caviHighIngClp0DiscCells, caviHighIngClp1DiscCells, caviHighIngXmtClp0Cells, caviHighIngXmtClp1Cells. 6. Added following 64-bit objects to caviStatIngressTable: caviHIngClp0DiscCells, caviHIngClp1DiscCells, caviHIngXmtClp0Cells, caviHIngXmtClp1Cells. 7. Changed IMPORT for Unsigned32 to SNMPv2-SMI, instead of CISCO-TC.
2001-09-03 00:00
Added caviMinVpiNum and caviMaxVpiNum. Modified description for caviEntry and caviIfType.
2000-08-11 00:00
Changed description of objects caviMinRate and caviMaxRate. Modified range for caviMinRate, caviMaxRate and caviFileId.
2000-01-14 00:00
Initial version of this MIB module.