The Agent Capabilities for CISCO-ATM-VIRTUAL-IF-MIB. - cavIfCapmVirtualIfCapabilityV2R00 is for AXSM module in Release 2.0. - cavIfCapabilityAxsmV2R0010 is for AXSM Service Module in Release 2.0.10. - cavIfCapabilityAxsmeV2R0160 is for AXSM-E Service Module in Release 2.1.60.

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2005-11-14 00:00
Updated the imports such that Unsigned32 is imported from SNMPv2-SMI instead of CISCO-TC.
2003-09-10 00:00
Added cavIfCapabilityV5R00 for MPSM155 service module in Release 5.0.00
2003-03-24 00:00
Added cavIfCapabilityV4R00 for : Service Modules AXSM-XG, AXSM-E and Processor Switch Module PXM1E in Release 4.0.00
2002-05-14 00:00
Initial version of the MIB