The MIB module which complements standard ATM MIBs for Cisco devices, for Resource Management.

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2002-06-03 00:00
Added objects to support Per Class Overbooking for ATM interfaces.
2001-01-29 00:00
Added a table that contains objects to manage ATM Traffic Shaper configuration and state information for ATM interfaces.
1999-12-22 00:00
Fix the errors in the definition of cgrPerVcqAtmRmGroup.
1999-07-27 00:00
Added object to support overbooking of equivalent bandwidth of an ATM interface.
1999-04-30 00:00
Added objects for the IMA interface support.
1999-04-14 00:00
Added objects to instruct Connection Admission Control to include framing overhead in the calculation of maximum cell rate of an ATM interface.
1999-03-11 00:00
Clarified the description for some of the objects that they are applicable to logical port ATM interfaces too and made appropriate changes to the Compliance section.
1998-11-24 00:00
Added a table to manage global resources on the Catalyst8540MSR platform. This was necessary because the Catalyst8540MSR, has 8 switching modules internally, with each switching module having its own independent cell memory. Each switching module performs per-VC queueing for a specific (fixed in hardware) group of ports, independent of any other switching module. The Lightstream 1010 had only one global cell memory for the entire device.
1998-11-03 00:00
Specify a range limiting Link Distance object.
1998-07-26 00:00
Added an object to enable Hierarchical Scheduling.
1997-12-03 00:00
Added object to configure Service Category support on an interface.
1997-05-26 00:00
Added objects for management of new features made possible on the LS1010 by the Feature Card Plus. This includes support for per-VC queueing hardware structures, enhanced UPC, non-zero MCR for ABR, and UBR+.
1996-11-11 00:00
Added objects for management of Cell Loss Ratio for CLP0+1 cell-streams. Added table for default tolerance.