Initial version of this MIB module. Phy definition Throughout this document phy is used as an abbreviation for Physical Interface. In particular it refers to a physical ATM jack on a Catalyst 5000 ATM card. This card can be fitted with either one or two physical jacks, only one of which may be active at any given moment. The second phy serves as a redundant connector to the ATM backbone. Note, however, that for logistical reasons, each phy has a separate ifIndex. Support of the phy by ifTable The dual phy entity on the c5K ATM line card is managed using the ifTable. Specific interpretations of ifTable for the dual phy entity are as follows. Object Use for dual phy entity ====== ======================= ifIndex Each phy entity is represented by an ifEntry. ifDescr Description of the phy entity. ifType The value for the phy entity is other(1). ifSpeed See [1]. ifPhysAddress An octet string of zero length, per [1]. ifAdminStatus See [1]. ifOperStatus See [1]. In addition, note that a phy can be in the up state but still not be the active phy. However, the active phy will always be up. ifLastChange See [1]. ifName See [1]. ifLinkUpDownTrapEnable disabled(2). ifHighSpeed See [1]. ifConnectorPresent true(1). References [1] McCloghrie, K. and F. Kastenholz, Evolution of the Interfaces Group of MIB-II, RFC 1573, Hughes LAN Systems, FTP Software, January 1994.

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