The Altiga Networks capabilities MIB models counters and objects that are of management interest for networks capabilities. Acronyms The following acronyms are used in this document: DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DNS: Domain Name Service FTP: File Transfer Protocol HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol IP: Internet Protocol L2TP: Layer-2 Tunneling Protocol MIB: Management Information Base PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol PPTP: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol SEP: Scalable Encryption Processor SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol SSL: Secure Sockets Layer TCP: Transmission Control Protocol UDP: User Datagram Protocol

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Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Cisco Systems 170 W Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134 USA Tel: +1 800 553-NETS E-mail:


2002-09-09 12:00
Updated MIB to comply to Cisco MIB Police standards. Added missing supports for new Altiga MIBs.
2002-07-10 00:00
Updated with new header