The Altiga Address Statistics MIB models counters and objects that are of management interest for address assignment. Acronyms The following acronyms are used in this document: MIB: Management Information Base

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2005-01-25 00:00
Added tables alAddressStatsPoolTable, alAddressStatsPoolGroupTable. Added object alAddressStatsHeldAddresses, alAddressStatsGrpHeldAddresses, alAddressStatsHeldPoolId, alAddressStatsHeldAddrIndex, alAddressStatsHeldAddress, alAddressStatsHeldTimeLeft, alAddressStatsHeldReason, alAddressStatsGrpHeldId, alAddressStatsGrpHeldPoolId, alAddressStatsGrpHeldAddrIndex, alAddressStatsGrpHeldAddress, alAddressStatsGrpHeldTimeLeft, alAddressStatsGrpHeldReason.
2002-09-05 13:00
Added module compliance.
2002-07-10 00:00
Updated with new header