This MIB contains managed object definitions for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)/Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as defined in : Rosen, E., Viswanathan, A., and R. Callon, Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture, Internet Draft <draft-ietf-mpls-arch-06.txt>, August 1999.

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IETF Layer-3 Virtual Private Networks Working Group.
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Thomas D. Nadeau tnadeau@cisco.com Luyuan Fang luyuanfang@att.com Stephen Brannon Fabio M. Chiussi fabio@bell-labs.com Joseph Dube jdube@avici.com Martin Tatham martin.tatham@bt.com Harmen Van Der Linde hvdl@att.com Comments and discussion to ppvpn@ietf.org


2001-07-20 12:00
Re-published as PPVPN working group draft. No changes between this version and last; just name change.
2001-07-17 12:00
Removed mplsVpnVrfRouteTargetImport/Export from route target table, and modified indexing to better reflect N <> R distribution policy. Also added new object called mplsVpnVrfRouteTargetType which denotes import/export policy for the specified route target. Added mplsVpnInterfaceConfRowStatus which allows for an interface to be associated with a VPN through SNMP configuration. Added VrfName to index of VrfInterfaceConfEntry which allows interfaces to be associated with the appropriate VRF. Modified description of mplsVpnVrfConfMaxPossibleRoutes and mplsVpnVrfConfMaxRoutes to allow for undetermined value. Removed 'both' enumerated value in mplsVpnVrfBgpNbrRole. Updated example to reflect these changes.
2001-07-10 12:00
Renamed mplsNumVrfSecViolationThreshExceeded to mplsNumVrfSecIllegalLabelThreshExceeded, and removed mplsVpnInterfaceConfIndex from varbind. Changed MplsVpnId TC from SnmpAdminString to OCTET STRING. Added mplsVpnVrfSecIllegalLabelRcvThresh to mplsVpnVrfSecEntry. Changed duplicate mplsVpnVrfRouteTargetImport in mplsVpnVrfRouteTargetEntry INDEX to mplsVpnVrfRouteTargetExport.
2001-06-19 12:00
Fixed several compile errors.
2001-05-30 12:00
Updated most of document and MIB to reflect comments from WG.
2000-09-30 12:00
Initial draft version.